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  • 'HALO' is a pure English word meaning halo, and by introducing proper systems and safety equipment to industrial sites, it has the meaning of creating genuine products that can enhance workers' self-esteem and feel the aura from the user's point of view.
  • HALO Inc. researches and develops advanced safety protection equipment necessary for high-risk workers and makes products that can be practically applied to industrial sites based on human factors.
  • It is a company that uses products to save people, and provides systems suitable for process management, construction management, quality control, and maintenance.
  • Products that protect people.
Mail-order business registration certificate : 2021-Ulsan Jung-gu-No.0345
Halo.inc - Room 402, Ulsan Green Car Gesul Center, 362-11 Jongga-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
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